No more drama please.

Put it all aside. I’ll make something new soon. I promise. So no worries there. You’ll all meet me on tour one day, but… In the mean time I just wanna get my health together, listen to Whitechapel and Drake, eat PF Changs, share amazing moments with my Wife, play some baseball, buy a new miniature dachshund, move to my own house, do a collab song with John Mayer, enjoy my new family, and simply enjoy living life. 

So stop talking crap about so and so, stop saying Im joining some other band, stop trying to hurt my feelings, stop trying to hurt anyone else’s feelings. Stop trying to make yourself sound like you know what youre talking about. This has NOTHING to do with anyone outside of the working realm of the original Of Mice. And no one outside of that realm’s negative opinion or words mean anything to me, or even them for that matter. 

Im sorry I won’t be playing Warped with Of Mice, but in all honesty if I were to rush the surgery even like over a week ago, I wouldnt even be healthy enough to play the first two weeks of it. I would have needed a replacement for over 2 and a half tours. Thats crappy. I would have hopped on Warped and been out of shape and freshly cut open down the chest. I really hope you all can just relax. This is for the best, for all parties I believe.

Life is short. Life is to learn. Life is to love. I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to really get all I want out of it. After all, it is a ride, “dont spend the whole time waiting in line.” 

So much love to all my fans and supporters, and friends that I left behind to move out to California to start this. Everything happens for a reason. “One door closes, another opens.”

So much love to all my haters too, make sure you spell my name right when you type it, I know who I am, I dont need you telling me otherwise. I have my past, Im sorry for most of it. Ive been a ghost for the past 4 years of my life. Want to get to know me? Me now? Walk up to me on the street, lets have a conversation. Im over all of this. Hello life, I’m ready to start living you to the fullest.

YDG?! I do. Lates <3

Wednesday Apr 7 @ 11:16am
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    You rule, Austin! :D This is why you are, and always will be, my hero :]
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